Referral system

What is this thing?

What is the referral system?

The referral system is a system where you get a link, format or specimen that you have to share with the public, either through social networks or with your friends, so that you are working on the referral system, the user has to enter the link give you the DogeStar faucet and start claiming.

That won?

The referral system is the # 2 most paid system (before the claimant) on the entire internet, That won ?, you earn nothing more and nothing less than 50% of commission of what the claimants earn or your referral, if your claimant earns $ 13 per day you earn 50% = $ 6.5 without doing anything just working on the referral system, SO SIMPLE !!!

How do I withdraw my earnings from referrals?

All referral earnings are automatically withdrawn and sent to your wallet (the wallet managed by the faucet), even the smallest amount is sent automatically and without time delay.


In conclusion, it is a great alternative to work with us in the referral system, where you can earn great income by just inviting your friends, how do I get my referral link? When you claim for the first time, a link is automatically generated for you. Referred at the bottom of the faucet, that link you have to share to get income from referrals. If you have problems, contact us with the following email [email protected] to help you with whatever you need, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, START GETTING EARNINGS BY REFERRALS !!!