Frequently Asked Questions

What is DogeStar?

DogeStar is a multifacet with different faucets where you can claim fractions of cryptocurrencies every 0 seconds and without claim limits, with automatic payments to different microwallets

What is a faucet?

A faucet is that web page where you can claim fractions of cryptocurrencies from time to time just by doing an anti-bot test.

What is a MultiFaucet?

A multifaucet is a website where your payments automatically arrive from a faucet, for example. FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto.

Why can't I resolve the captcha?

If you have problems solving the captcha, try doing another type of captcha, we have different captchas to claim, if it does not work wait 10 minutes after the error, and if it still does not work contact support

what is referral link?

The referral link is the link that they give you in the faucets to obtain referrals by sharing it, with this you can get 50% of your referrals, more information here

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made without intermediaries, that is, without banks!

How can I get more help?

For help you can use the live chat communicator in each faucet or contact us by email which is the following support

What is the probability of reward in the faucets?

the reward probability is the probability you have to claim and get that reward

what are the rewards?

rewards are the earnings given to claimants for making each claim

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