What is it?

The rewards are the profits that are obtained when claiming in the DogeStar faucets, they are what is automatically given to the FP wallet for each claim

That won?

The rewards are given depends on the probability, it depends on the probability you have, it depends on the profits you are going to obtain in the faucets, in each faucet it depends on the account you have, in each faucet you have a different probability

Increased Probability

To increase the probability of the account in the faucets and to win more, for the probability increase depends on the country you are in, it will have more probability, for example, if you are in the USA or Mexico you will have great profits, but if it is from a country Low and you are using VPN from the US you are going to take it as if you were in your country, HAVING A VPN IN THE FAUCETS IT DOES NOT WORK, and another thing to increase the probability and profits is that the ads are respected (do not delete them or use Ad-Block) , using these guidelines you will have a great chance of winning at the DogeStar faucets